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About Us

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Koko's is a brand new fusion restaurant based in Brooklyn. Our mission is to offer some of the very best Nikkei food in town: the unique combination of Japanese flavors with a Peruvian place! For many decades now, these two wonderful cultures have collided, and one of the most distinctive aspects of this amazing melting pot is most definitely the food. In fact, not many people realize that Peru is home to the second-largest ethnic Japanese population in South America! The country is indeed quite well-known due to its incredibly diverse culinary scene, especially due to the fact that it has been influenced by various other cultures and countries, including Japan, forming a unique mix of flavors and food specialties known as Nikkei cuisine. What remained a local phenomenon for quite some time is quickly becoming widespread throughout the world. From Europe to North America and anywhere in between, people are really starting to discover this very special new set of flavors. Nikkei cuisine showcases the techniques perfected by the Japanese masters with a flavor profile that is reminiscent of the zesty freshness of Peruvian food, going for a very unique, fun, and perhaps even unexpected vibe! Kokos is all about celebrating this unique combination of flavors and style in a welcoming and colorful environment. It always feels like Matsuri here, as we captured the aesthetics of this glorious Japanese summer festival. The restaurant is the brainchild of a Japanese-Peruvian couple, and it was named after their daughter’s nickname since she represents the true essence of Nikkei culture, bringing Peru and Japan together beautifully!   Come in, sit down and enjoy our izakaya-style share plates and starters in a friendly family business, born from an authentic Nikkei family where omotenashi (selfless hospitality) is a key-value!